Elevated Train Driving Simulator: Sky Tram Driver 1.3 APK

Elevated Train Driving Simulator: Sky Tram Driver

Elevated Train Driving Simulator: Sky Tram Driver Descriptions

Challenge the earth gravity with Next-Gen Elevated Train Game!

Witness new generation of rails on sky tracks while driving futuristic bullet train 2018. Play Elevated Train Driving Simulator 3D game and drive sky train above road traffic jams in massive city environment. Transport city passengers from one train station to other subway stations in sky train.

After blockbuster success of gyroscopic elevated bus & elevated car, this season get ready for adventurous driving and subway station parking experience on sky high railway tracks. Put your seatbelts, and get set for sky driving with the fastest bullet train ride on impossible tracks. Hop into high tech transit train as sky tram driver and guide it through city routes transporting citizens and tourists. This impossible train straddles 10 meters above roads and transport passengers to other city destinations. Get inside futuristic train control room and pull race lever to be a fast metro train operator. Drive your sky train to transport passengers, stop at subway stations and open futuristic train doors to pickup tourists. Pull lever on high speed don’t let electric engine derail the sky train line. Travel to some of the most beautiful european cities like paris, rome and drive modern trains above roads. This modern sky tram drives 10 meters above ground level so that city traffic flows beneath its railway tracks. Pick & drop passengers on board to transit elevated terminal stops.

An elevated train commonly known as an overhead railway is a rapid transit railway with tracks above roads level on a viaduct or other elevated structure. Got bored of playing steam engine indian train? Experience driving bullet train simulator 17 with modern concept and sky tram simulation features to transport passengers and tourists all around Europe. You’re about to have a paris train ride that will make you forget all conventional truck driving and muscle car racing games. So bring back the nostalgia of the whooping steam engine in an improvised way with realistic metro train driving.

Fast racing train accelerated as an advanced sky tram simulator is surely a treat for the fans of locomotive driving games. Experience impossible train driving above city with amazing landscapes all streaming below in best sky tram driver simulator.

Elevated Train Driving Simulator Game Features:
★Exciting drop off destinations & sky train riding experience
★Unlock multiple euro trains to ride on impossible Tracks
★Train driver job of transporting passengers at subway stations
★Advance breaks and physics to be driven on heights
★Realistic city locations and sky high public terminals
★Highly detailed subway train interior with controls
★Immersive 3D graphics for best gameplay experience
★Amazing animations to pick and drop citizens

Download Elevated Train Driving Simulator 2017 to be a real train driver and enjoy the new rails on sky tracks.
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