Fire Battleground - Last Survival Tournament 1.0.02 APK

Fire Battleground - Last Survival Tournament
  • Version: 1.0.02
  • Requires: Android 4.2+
  • Package Name: com.treasuregames.pubg.freefire.survival.fps.battleroyale.playerunknown.last.battleground.fortnite
  • Developer: The New Games
  • Category: Action
  • Updated: June 02, 2018
  • Price: Free
  • Rate 3.8 stars – based on 1,342 reviews

Fire Battleground - Last Survival Tournament Descriptions

A renowned secret criminal organization organizes a special fire battleground last survival tournament every year. Where, army real-world battle royale of professional shooters against the militant hunters from across the world come together and compete to prove who the best is. This year government has sent its top agent who is an excellent pacific survival war night combat shooter to compete in the battle grand royale season 2018 tournament. The purpose of our hero is to catch the organization red handed and eliminate them. In order to do so he has win the unknown action battle game arena of the battlegrounds tournament. Our hero will be entering this epic battle royale fps shooting survival tournament as a contestant secret elite agent arena as a survival runner professional shooter. He is one of the best agent and pacific assault shooter of our country, the government has faith in our hero that he can catch this criminal organization red handed. The agency won't be able to help you once you enter this last battle of forbidden island tournament you are a lone survivor island survival sniper shooter on your own surviving, winning and catching the criminal organization.

The special survival tournament will start by taking all the battle rivals royale contestants to a remote island by a plane. All the players will be having a dagger when landed on the island you have to survive fantasy royale shooting battle this round to go on further the players standing till the last second will go to next survival mission in this first person shooter game. It won't be that easy all the players will be trying to kill the other, so you have to be very alert and watch out for the enemy's attack. You just can't hide you have to take down other player in last survival day in impossible royale shooting battle to make it easy for further rounds, it's a long tournament you will not be able to win if you don't take down your opponents. Coming out alive after this last day shooting battleground survival mission you have to find a house for spending the night. The night is not safe you have to find sniper rifle to hunt down some animals for you to eat in jungle survival simulator challenging action adventure 2018. The night is long and dark find some place and eat something to be ready for the next day in fire battleground last survival tournament.

The tournament will get harder as you move forward be ready for every thrilling and exciting island survival wild jungle adventure challenge which comes in your way. The organizers has arranged ten elite long range mountain sniper target missions in this survivor battle which are targeting your house for counter shooting hunter in battlefield death strike mission, you have less time and more bad guys to shoot start the shooting or your house will be blown up with you. The objective of the battle royale survival game is to survive till the last round and be the last man standing. For surviving of a battleground complete each round find the weapons and foods to survive longer than the other. Find supplies and weapons quickly and move to the island safe zone. The ultimate battle survival royale begins. This is not just a game is the survival of the best of the best survivor in last royale survival battleground. The game is that players will be landed with a dagger on a remote island, have to last hero battleground survive by finding supplies, weapons and defeating the other players to be the last man standing on the battleground.

Fire Battleground - Last Survival Tournament Features
- Realistic smooth graphics
- Epic survival battleground
- Many survivors to fight
- Huge island to survive
- Survive the extreme survival missions
- Be the last man standing in the battleground
- Storm the battlefield in the big bad world
- Ultimate survival royale shooter game
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