Rush 25
  • Package Name: com.robsgames.rush25
  • Developer: Rob's Games
  • Category: Card
  • Rate 5.0 stars – based on 3 reviews

Rush 25 Descriptions

Rush 25 is a fun fast-paced card game, where a player tries to get rid of all his/her cards before the house deck or the timer runs out.

Objective: To get rid of all of your cards before the house deck or the time runs out.

How to Play:

- A player is dealt 25 cards to the house’s 27, the player is only allowed to play 5 cards in a hand at a single time.

- To begin the game deal out your first 5 cards, and the timer will start.

- To move a card from hand to the play pile, the card in your hand must have a number value of 1 higher or 1 lower in the play pile. (If the play pile has a King, you can move a Queen or an Ace from your hand to the pile.)

- The Game defaults the timer to 60 seconds, you do have the option to change the timer in the game settings to 40 or 30 seconds.

- The Game also offers a 30 and 35 card draw, there is no timer for these draws because they are extremely hard to beat.