Snes Dnkey Kong 1.0.1 APK

Snes Dnkey Kong
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Requires: Android 3.1+
  • Package Name: snes.donkey.kong
  • Developer: Unit Apps Dev
  • Category: Adventure
  • Updated: May 10, 2018
  • Price: Free
  • Rate 4.8 stars – based on 32 reviews

Snes Dnkey Kong Descriptions

Snes Dnkey Kong Country is a platforming game in which the player guides protaganists monkey Kong (DK) and Diddy Kong through 40 side-scrolling levels. DK and Diddy are the game's main characters and the only playable characters. The player can switch between Kongs if both characters are present. The main modes of travel are running, jumping, and rolling; all of which both characters are capable. DK have different advantages; DK defeats enemies more easily and has a handslap move that reveals hidden bunches of bananas, while Diddy is faster, smaller, and can jump higher than DK can.

Levels contain enemies, bananas, and other objects and collectibles.
Enemies can be defeated by stomping, rolling, barrel-throwing, and by using an animal.
The game has a variety of enemies, each with varying skills and defenses; for example, the crocodile-like klaptraps must be stomped on because of their forward-facing jaws;
rolling into them will cause the player to lose a Kong. Bananas are the most common collectible; collecting 100 bananas grants the player an extra life. Bananas also guide the player through the levels and sometimes indicate the presence of another collectible or hidden area. Other collectibles include K-O-N-G letters and extra life balloons, which both help the player gain extra lives.When an item is collected, a corresponding counter briefly scrolls.Barrels are common objects; an element retained from the first Dnkey Kong game. Wooden barrels can be picked up and thrown to defeat most enemies and reveal bonus rooms. Barrels with a red DK icon revive a Kong when one is absent. Barrel cannons propel the player-character in the direction the cannon is facing. In later levels, the player must time the releases between barrel cannons to progress. Barrels covered with stars allow the player to resume progress from his or her position in the level.

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