Train Simulator Game: 3D Simulation Train Driving 1.0.2 APK

Train Simulator Game: 3D Simulation Train Driving
  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Requires: Android 4.1+
  • Package Name:
  • Developer: Kool Games
  • Category: Simulation
  • Updated: December 22, 2017
  • Price: Free
  • Rate 4.1 stars – based on 165 reviews

Train Simulator Game: 3D Simulation Train Driving Descriptions

Do you like Train Simulator Game? 3D Simulation Train Driving with an objective of drive train for passenger pick n drop at train station? Train Simulator Game: 3D Simulation Train Driving is the best Train Simulator Game by the Kool Games. This 3D Simulation Train Driving will satisfy all your Train Driver simulator needs at any train station.

Background story of Train Simulator Game: 3D Simulation Train Driving:

Our soldier is now in a passenger train driver simulator as Kool Games was looking for passenger train driver this time around for passenger train simulation so our Man grabbed this opportunity and he is driving a passenger train in this passenger train driver game. Driving train for passenger pick n drop at train station. Driver train games are not a specialty of our Man but he agreed to driving 3D train in driver train games for now. Kool Games will evaluate the driver game performance of our Man with objective of drive train now as a driver simulator of 3D train in simulator games.

What is this driver train simulation game all about?

This is the 1st driver train game by Kool Games. In addition to being a driving train game this is also a simulation game. The user will be presented with a number of driver train missions in this driving game. In each mission the user will drive train to pick up or drop the passengers to a certain train station. The map in this simulation game will help the user to see where to drive train to reach train station. Along with completing the pick n drop missions the users will also enjoy going through different fields in this driving game. There are a total of 24 missions in this simulation game for now but in future more missions shall also be added.

How to play this driving game?

1. First, you need to download and install our driving game for free on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Once you launch the simulation game, you need to select the level that you want to play in this driving game.

3. When you start playing, you will be able to drive your driving train with the controls. You can easily accelerate or brake using the acceleration/ breaking lever on the right side of the screen in this driving train games.

4. To turn left or right, you can use the steering wheel in the left side of the screen, it's very easy to use and you can use it like you are driving train, playing simulator games.

5. While you are simulator driving the simulator train to the pick or drop spot, you need to avoid any collisions so that you don’t lose any life.

6. If you pick or drop the passenger successfully at the right place and within the given time, you will complete the level and go to the next one.

Why this simulator train over other train games?

You are surely going to love this simulator train game over the other simulator driving games due to following salient features:

1. Totally Free: This driving simulation is totally free!

2. Delightful graphics: This driving simulation has awesome graphics which are pleasing for your eyes. The graphics are high quality as well as very smooth so you are going to have your best driving simulation experience while playing driving games of 3d train.

3. Entertaining music: This driving simulation has a very entertaining music for your pleasure.

4. Very realistic sound effects: The sound effects in this driving simulation are very realistic and they keep you fully involved in 3D train simulation games.

5. Top Quality Fun: Its great fun to play 3D train simulation games as the aim is to get better and better until you have completed all drive train simulation missions.

Who should play simulator train game?

Anybody who loves driving games and simulation games should play this driver game.

When to simulator train games?

Driving games and simulation games can be played at any time. Whenever you have free time just pull out your train and enjoy playing this driver game.

Don't forget to rate our train game as we always try to bring you the best.

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